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Preliminary thoughts on Kanye West w.r.t. artistic genius, mental health, and determinism

i know, he's so all over the place. i think he has a mental issue. not sure im fetishizing it so maybe keep this to yourself. there is sort of a fetishization in the 'better' case up to discriminatory/kyriarchical dynamics between neurotypicals and -divergents. genius or outliers are often labelled with some mental problem etc. it's sometimes very hard to distinguish what is real what isn't because it's already difficult to assess realness of mental 'issues'. something foucault's madness and civilization. if everybody thinks that 'mad' people are just clairvoyant there is nothing to it. if we pathologize it, we put them into asylums. similarly, i dont just want to say 'oh trump/kanye/... is 'mental'' to sort of justify/explain their behavior, so im super careful. also, it's not clear to what extent it really 'explains' something. like, ok, trump is demented, so what? the implication is of course, that for other basic citizens with similar symptoms, we wouldnt vote for them etc. but what if it is about artistic genius like kanye? if we say 'ye is 'mental'' what does it explain? is he 'mental' because he produces good art or does he produce good art, because he is 'mental'. the way genius fetishization works seems to sometimes just take the good thing and construct/reproduce it as a symptom ('ah, good art, he must have a mental issue'). from this it's a small step to say 'look what he said about harriet tubman is bc he's "mental"' which is somehow also not what we want. similarly to when we dont want to forgive trump his racism "because he has issues". it shouldnt be an excuse.

i have complicated feelings about this :S. but even without some sort of madness-determinism, we of course can say that what ye does is not good. good and evil, i argue, can be assessed independently of determinism (eg through 'psychological'/materialist determinism) but how we judge it could be different.

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