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First person privilege and experience

  • Thesis: In a trivial way, everybody has a privileged (inaccessible to others) first person perspective[1] but there is no such thing as a first person view that only gives access to a particular identity e.g. women[4], because that would invalidate (via modus tollens) e.g. trans experience.[3] We think that it is possible to assume an identity with empathizing.
  • Performance matters[2], the reading is secondary but intention is what matters to get away from the underlying substrate of gender.
  • Are there trans people that don't perform at all? E.g. a trans man who maybe even dresses like a woman and acts like a woman, doesn't do HRT etc?
  • Drag queens are going for the hyper-essentialist performance of a woman. As Natalie Wynn (?) said "a pubescent, gay boy knows more about female performance than any straight woman under 30" or similar.

Tentative side-points

  • trans interpretation of Du Bois’ black reconstruction[5]
  • autophallophilia through pseudo(?)[8]-autogynephilia[9] in a Foucauldian dialectic[6,7]




[4] Koyama, Emi. 2003, “The transfeminist manifesto”, in Catching a wave: Reclaiming feminism for the 21st century,






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