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Stereotype-induced embodiment enhancement in trans people

An MTF trans person might, depending on when they transitioned, have experienced a whole lot of male performance, stereotypes and descriptions (some good, some bad, doen't matter here). They have an idea of what it 'is' to be a 'man' (see my caveats earlier on identity etc in earlier blogs). Now in that potpourri of stereotypes might also be the notion that 'real men like women' and the whole slew of heteronormative ideas on relationships. Via 'modus tollens', our MTF might be able to leverage this heteronormative indoctrination to enhance her embodiment, when being with a man. Especially in times of strong dysphoria, something 'extremely gendered' (as per the society we live in) as a heteronormative relationship, might fuel some 'gender'-'energy' (super-air quotes around 'energy') into her.

On the other hand, an MTF trans woman who is into women might have a harder time, because not only does she have to keep the dysphories together in a coherent self but also fight the stereotype of, in this case, lesbians being 'less valid' (as per heteronormativity). This other side of the coin is 'just' good old homophobia, which is of course also coupled to trans people.

Whereas the latter side of the coin is very well established, it seemed worthwhile to point out that some trans folks might somehow 'benefit' in the specific case of suppressing dysphoria.

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